Improving the play space for the children of Olde Mill

Fall Community Flea Market and Yard Sale
 Barlowe Field/Pool Parking Lot 
490 Chalet Dr. Millersville, MD 21108
 Sept. 10, 8am-1pm
Reserve a space: reserve a space to sell your items!
                                    *Space is limited so please reserve your space(s) by Sept. 7. Thanks!

The funds earned during this event will go towards FOOM's primary mission, to build a new playscape and improve Barlowe Field. We welcome donations of items that we can sell at the Flea Market! Click on Contact Us to donate.

I will email you with an assigned space number(s). If you don't receive an email by Sept 9 please leave a message in the "Contact Us" tab.

Please park directly across from your reserved space, in the grass, to unload your vehicle no later than 6:30 a.m.  The parking lot will be roped off at 6:30a.m. from vehicles for the pedestrians’ safety.  After that time you may still claim your reserved space(s) but will have to park outside the parking lot.

Some early shoppers begin arriving at 7 a.m.

Community Build Day

Our Community Build Day was a success! We were able to complete another phase of the natural playscape! THANK YOU to all of the volunteers who gave us their weekends to help us put this structure together. It really take a village to make projects like these successful. THANK YOU!

How do we make events like Family Fun Day a success? Our volunteers! Our group is comprised of ALL volunteers! 

We are always looking for more help. If you can help out in ANY way, big or small, please click on "Contact Us"!

We need help:

- Brainstorming what events to hold

- Planning the events and networking with local businesses

- Getting the word out by delivering flyers or sharing posts on Facebook

- Researching grant opportunities and writing up those grants and applications

- Helping out at events like Family Fun Day (standing at a station, collecting tickets, selling food, helping to set up tents, helping to clean up, etc.)

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