Friends Of Olde Mill (FOOM)

Improving the play space for the children of Olde Mill

Barlowe Bolt

5K Mile 

Saturday, March 16th

490 Chalet Dr., Millersville MD

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2018 Improvements Made

The Friends Of Olde Mill (FOOM) have been busy making plans, improvements and hosting events to better our community. This past Spring 2018, we have: 

Installed 4 new benches 

Replaced the broken volleyball posts

Replaced the Swings' Hardware

Removed the two dying bushes by the Barlowe Field parking lot entry

Bought and installed a new Evergreen Tree

Playscape Build Day:

 Please bring your shovels, gloves and wheelbarrows.

Fall TBD (7am-3pm)

Many thanks to all who volunteered to make our spring build days productive and fun! We hung a new vollyball net, installed the sandpit under pergola, replaced a board on the pergola, fixed the broken swing and reinforced the loose handholds on the climbing wall. Check out the "photos" of the day.

If you can lend a hand, let us know click "contact us." 

How do we make these events a success? Our volunteers! Our group is comprised of ALL volunteers! 

We are always looking for more help. If you can help out in ANY way, big or small, please click on "Contact Us"!

We need help:

- Brainstorming what events to hold

- Planning the events and networking with local businesses

- Getting the word out by delivering flyers or sharing posts on Facebook

- Researching grant opportunities and writing up those grants and applications

- Helping out at events like Family Fun Day (standing at a station, collecting tickets, selling food, helping to set up tents, helping to clean up, etc.)

- Donating prizes, baking cookies and lending a hand for our Quarter Auction

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