Playground Build Day Playground Build Day Installing handholds in climbing wall 199452297 Ground cover installed around climbing wall 199452299 Volunteer 199452300 Installing ground cover around climbing wall 199452301 Taking down old playground 199452302 Digging up ground preparing for safe ground cover to be installed around climbing wall. 199452303 Finished climbing wall with hand holds and ground cover installed. Kids approve! 199452304 Clearing weeds 199452305 199452306 Volunteer 199452307 199452308 New mulch around swings 199452310 Kids help out, too 201584142 The tunnel will be installed soon! 201584143 199452417 201584144 201584146 It's almost complete! Check out the cool stump scramble 201584147 It's finished and ready for kids to enjoy! 201584148 All of our volunteers worked hard on this 201584149 201584150 We do this for our children 201584151 201584152 Adding a slide 201584153 Thank you, John Campbell! 201584154