Friends Of Olde Mill (FOOM)

Improving the play space for the children of Olde Mill

Looking for a way to contribute to your community?

You've come to the right place! FOOM is always looking for community support and volunteers! The best and easiest way to help is to become a street ambassador!

What does a Street Ambassador do?

Represent your street in the Village of Olde Mill! The Village of Olde Mill is a large area, so we need one neighbor from each street to help us hand out flyers and important information to other neighbors.

  • Hand out flyers to neighbors on your street
  • Talk to neighbors on your street about upcoming events
  • Greet guests and neighbors at our events

What is the time commitment?

We would love as much or as little of your time as you are able to give. 1-2 hours a month would be a huge help!

What else can I do, besides being a Street Ambassador?

  • Pass out water bottles and organize bags for runners at our 5K
  • Get sponsors for the Barlowe Bolt
  • Post and pick up lawn signs for our events
  • Sell food/water at our Family Fun Day
  • Work a game station on Family Fun Day
  • Assist at our events
  • Provide feedback
  • Spread the word about Community Build Day to your fellow neighbors
  • Gather volunteers for events
  • Assist us in finding and applying for grants